5 Tips for an Awesome Backyard Birthday Party

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Having a backyard birthday party for your child is one of the delights of childhood. You can fill them full of sugars and cakes and then make sure they jump it out in a bouncy house. However, before you get the rental or even begin looking for what kind of bouncy castle you’d like, you have to think of a few things. First, consider how many people will be present. Second, consider how much space can you spare in your yard. Thirdly, what is the theme of the birthday party? Fourth, how can you protect your yard? And, finally, will you have a wet or dry party (depending on the season, it can make your choice either)?  

After you begin to think about these things, the next step will be renting a bouncy castle of your child’s dreams. Make sure to think about decorations and how long it will take to set up your bouncy castle—an average-sized castle takes about 10 to 30 minutes to blow up completely. 

1. Safety first.

As with everything, safety should always be first. Make sure when you are blowing up the bouncy castle, you notice the safety instructions posted to one side of the unit. Reading them will help you let other parents and the children know what they can and cannot do. 

Remember always to put the bouncy castle on flat ground, if you don’t have room in your back garden, see if the size will fit on your front grass. 

If you have any questions or would like more instruction asking the attendant who drops off the castle should be able to give you verbal cautions as well. 

2. Protect your yard.

It turns out that bouncy houses won’t ruin your yard unless you do a few things like, add a tarp down before you blow up the castle. The material a bouncy castle is made from is light-weight and usually light in color to repeal heat as much as possible. 

It is the sun that damages your yard. Adding a tarp under your bouncy house will usually absorb the sun and heat due to its dark color. Once it does that, your grass begins to suffer, mainly because most children’s parties are thrown between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., which are peak sun times. 

3. How much space can you spare?

Knowing how large your yard is and how much space you’d like to use up will help determine what size bouncy castle to get for your back-garden. Measuring the yard will be helpful, but you won’t want the house to take up too much room in case the guests would like to sit or walk around somewhere that isn’t bouncy. 

Bigger-sized bouncy castles will cost more, so if a budget is set in your mind to make sure to research price as well as size. 

4. Facts and Figures.

Wattage: small to big bouncy play areas can use from 863 watts to 1,600 watts. Most of the standard outdoor outlets can hold this amount of electricity. If you are worried about some form of outage due to electricity use, purchasing a small generator can eliminate the fear. 

Surfaces: bouncy units can be added to grass, concrete, and wood chips. While it is recommended that the bouncy house be put on grass, any flat surface can work. When the house is set up on a hard surface, add a soft cover around the perimeter of the bouncy house. They should not be used during rain or when winds have reached twenty mph (or higher). If you want to use the house indoors, make sure there are at least two to three feet of space between the top of the house and the ceiling of the room. Lastly, each bouncy house you set up should have a soft surface at the entrance and exit. Sandbags will anchor your house correctly when setting it up indoors or on a hard surface. 

Overinflation: happily, you cannot over-inflate a bouncy house. The way that all bouncy houses are made provides the unique set up where centrifugal blowers allow air to not over-inflate. Bounce houses are also not sealed 100%, and air passes through the seams.

Deflation: just as with the inflation, it depends on the size of your bounce house as to how long it will take to deflate. The bouncy house sizes do have an average of ten minutes to deflate. If your bounce house does not have a zipper, deflation time may take longer and even require manual help when flattening the house.

Weight Limits: all bouncy houses have a weight limit. Checking the safety sticker on your bouncy house or asking the rental company will help you decipher what the weight limit is and what size bouncy house to get.

5. Themes.

The theme may not be an essential part of the party, but it is up there on the list. Having a theme for a child’s birthday is all the rage, and when you go to rent a bouncy castle, you will see that there is no shortage of houses to match any theme your child can think of. Aliens, pirates, and popular cartoon characters are big sellers, and if you want one of the popular cartoon characters to make sure to rent the house in plenty of time in advance. 

If you find that the theme you are looking for is out of stock on your chosen day, remember that any house will do. Most of the time, kids are only looking to jump on the inside and will only pay attention to what the outside looks like if they are pointed to it. 

Lastly, if the season permits it, you can get water slides or bouncy pools as well. These will come with other forms of safety hazards, so make sure everyone at your party knows the rules. They will also be great for a mermaid or a pirate-themed party.