Deary and Light-Filled Space for Apartment: Creating Calm and Colors to Cheer the Space

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Light and color tend to play a big part in our perception of space. A room that is poorly illuminated, and has too many dark colors will feel more like a cave than a real home.  Nobody, except maybe for vampires, would want that. When at home we want the freedom to move and breathe as we please, to enjoy a truly relaxing state, so it’s important to know how to maximize apartment space.So, are you curious about how to design small apartment space? In order to help you achieve this atmosphere, here are some simple apartment space design ideas that could be accomplished with the help of some essential tools for home.

Use Light Colors

There is a special dynamic between color and light that you should always keep in mind when decorating your space at apartment. White and colors that are on a lighter spectrum tend to reflect the ambient light, while darker and deeper colors absorb it. This goes for both the color of your walls and the color of things like rugs or your floor, which ultimately define your apartment space concept. Many designers would even recommend that you painted your floor white, but painting everything white can make your house look like a hospital, so be careful with your apartment space decorating!

Place Mirrors Strategically

If light colors increase the reach of natural light in an apartment space, reflective surfaces like mirrors double or even triple it. You want to use this to the fullest advantage by opting to purchase mirrors of various shapes and sizes in the styles you like the most.

By thoughtfully positioning mirrors in your apartment space, you can cover every corner of it with natural light. It can even be used to capitalize on the view you have from your window.

The best places to put mirrors are in positions where they receive direct natural light from outside, like in front windows or doors facing west and east.

It’s also a good idea to track the light beams in your apartment space and place reflective objects where they can reflect it, to maximize their usefulness and amplify their effect, too.

Be Minimalistic With Decor

In certain apartment spaces, the problem will not have anything to do with color or light, but rather with apartment space management. That is, sometimes your apartment is not small, there’s just too much stuff in it, and that means you are definitely in need of fresh apartment space ideas. Move any dark or bulky furniture you have to the darker parts of your apartment space, or simply replace them with something that is not as overbearing.

Things like floating shelves also do a great job of bringing about a feeling of lightness to the room, just like glass door cabinets and chairs with narrow legs.

It’s also very important to make sure that nothing in your apartment space is obstructing the windows and barring the light from entering.

All in all, decluttering is always a good idea, so make sure to sort through whatever is taking up too much of your precious apartment space and consider gifting it to friends or donating it to those in need.

Avoid Heavy Curtains

Curtains are essential for creating privacy in an apartment space, but if they are too heavy or too dark, they can easily turn the room into a cave.

So, instead of heavy curtains, you can always go for minimal options like blinds or roman shades that offer the same benefit while allowing light to flood the room.

You can also add a light-colored gauzy curtain, or even forgo covering your windows altogether if you live on a higher floor.

The possibilities are practically endless, so make sure to go through various product catalogs to get an idea of what type of curtains would fit your apartment space best.

Replace a Few Doors

You might think that your doors don’t really take that much space, the truth is that they tend to compromise a good deal of space in their movement angle.

That is the case, of course for hinge-bound, or swinging, doors, but not for sliding ones which come as a great replacement.

In fact, if there is no absolute need to close off a certain room of your apartment, why not remove the door altogether? This will only help make movements within your home easier,  but it will also help amplify its space, too – and not only in the way it looks, but also in the way that it feels!


When it comes to apartment space interior design, the most important resource you have at your disposal is imagination. Although the apartment space hacks we are giving work are very important concepts, you are the one with the vision who knows exactly what can and cannot be applied to your home. In fact, have you thought of any tips or tricks for creating a relaxing and illuminated environment that people might find useful?


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