14 Must-Have Gardening Essentials

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There is no need to spend time on explaining what garden essentials here, landing on this page means you already know what they bare. This article will highlight the top gardening essentials you need.

1. Wheelbarrow

There are galvanized and hard plastic wheelbarrows available for use. A functional wheelbarrow should be strong but light enough to be easily moved around when full. Wheelbarrows can also be used to transport water in water carrying bags.

2. Dibber Dibbers

They are used for making planting holes for seeds, seedlings, and bulbs. The types of dibbers are oak timber dibbers and stainless steel timbers. The oak timber ones possess calibrated rings to show depth and make planting easy.

3. Digging Spade

An excellent digging Spade is essential in the garden. There are regular spades and stainless steel spades. Regular spades are known to rust quickly, and they get soils stuck to them while the stainless steel spades stay smooth while making digging also much easier.

4. Garden Trowel

Garden trowels are one of the most-used gardening tools, and they are regarded as hand tools.  An ideal trowel should possess a very comfortable handle with a perfectly fitted blade that won’t come loose after some time.

5. Garden Knife

A small knife is essential in the garden. It is used for cutting strings, flowers, and sticks, trimming of fruits and vegetables, and for other things. It is a great idea always to keep one in your pocket or garden trug while working in the garden.

6. Garden Secateurs

All gardens need frequent maintenance, and garden secateurs is a valuable tool to possess for any pruning task.

7. Heavy Duty Hoe

The heavy-duty garden hoe is required for breaking fresh ground and makes it easier to work with than a spade or shovel. The heavy-duty hoe’s blade is set at a right angle to allow the lever-action to reduce the effort needed.

8. Golden Gark

The golden gark is a multi-functional garden maintenance equipment. It is designed as a take, shovel and soil sift all on one. This lightweight equipment is perfect for clearing up weeds or fallen Autumn leaves and lots more.

9. Oscillating Hoe

This tool is very popular. The oscillating hoe is a long-handled garden hoe having a swivel head. The long handle allows one to hoe an entire raised bed from the exact position while the swivel action head cuts on both the push and pull stroke and sharpening itself as it goes.

10. Weeder

If you would like to eliminate weeds without polluting your garden with dangerous chemicals, the best solution is a simple weeder. Weeders are small hand tools with a forked end that is perfect for digging individual weeds and eliminating them by the root. The weeder is used for removing unwanted plants.  Using this tool is time consuming because weed removal is not an easy task.

11. Leaf Rakes

For anyone that spends a lot of time in the garden, gathering up all the leaves and other debris in the fall and also in the spring is one necessary thing. A good fan blade like leaf rake is the ideal equipment for that task. The bristles are specially made from a soft, flexible metal or plastic material that makes it easy for you to lightly rake the entire dirt and still leaves the soil in place.

12. Pruning Saw

A good hand pruning saw is a tool that every gardener must-have. Pruning saws are designed to cut on the pull stroke by allowing you to have greater control when sawing large branches.

13. Knee Pads

If you do not like to sit on a stool, but would also like to save your knees, you may have to consider getting a good pair of knee pads. Kneeling to dig in your garden will take its toll on your kneecaps over time. Once the pain gets more gruesome, it’s very much advisable to get a pair of knee pads.

14. Lawn Mower

No garden will look good if it is not adequately taken care of. It is essential to have a garden mower. Choose your garden mower based on the size of the garden. If you have a large garden, choose a gas mower but if you have a small garden, an electric mower will do justice.