Tips And Ideas On How To Modernize A Kitchen Cheaply

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If you wonder how to modernize a kitchen cheaply but fear your limited budget might not cut it, do not despair. First, you should choose a renovation project that will make a significant impact on a dime. Once you know what you want, consider hiring a kitchen remodeling Orlando contractor with the most affordable rates. 

Conversely, you can opt to put your DIY skills to the test. Overall, it would be best if you stayed focused on creating that dream modern kitchen dancing in your head.  Below are ideas worth considering to help you plan your kitchen upgrade projects for a modern look. 

1. Swap Out Current Lighting 

Adequate lighting can never be overstated when it comes to having a functional kitchen. It should include artificial and natural light. You should do away with the dark, sunlight-blocking, dreary blinds and install bright sheers and curtains for better natural lighting. As for the artificial lighting, inject stylish light features. Start with switch the overhead ambient light fixture with recessed lighting.  

Also, consider installing a dimmer switch as you add some pendant lighting over the kitchen island. Hand-blown glass pendants can be an excellent choice if you want something unique that brings in a chic and versatile touch yet echoing modernism. 

2. Upgrade Your Metals 

Many of the dated kitchens have materials whose popularity faded decades ago. While much of the kitchen hardware metals might suffice, you should swap those in plain sight with the more modern options like stainless steel, matte aluminum, and brushed copper. The metals are an excellent choice for your pendant lighting, cabinetry hardware, and range hood, among other areas. 

3. Rethink Your Cabinet Space 

The roomier the kitchen cabinetry, the better. That is the modernistic approach you should go with for the cabinet space. You might need to reconsider what you have currently. But before going nuts about this, assess the available storage to see if you need to add more or restructure the existing one.  

You can give it some modern drama by doing away with some of the doors in the upper cabinets to show off display pieces and then install LED lights or overhead lighting to enhance the overall effects. Painting the cabinets is another cheap upgrade worth considering. Give them a high-contrast look, working a matte-grey/black and white palette coupled with metal accents for that sleek modern look. 

4. Update The Countertop 

Countertops are an essential installation that takes up a significant portion of the kitchen’s real estate. If your countertops have cheap vinyl or the inconvenient tile-and-grout surface, that needs to go. 

The modern kitchen has stunning countertops with options ranging from granite and marble to natural stone, polymers, and epoxy resin. The choices are many, enough to meet anyone’s style preferences and budget. 

5. Renew The Walls And Floor 

As you spruce your kitchen’s vertical space, updating the cabinetry, and possibly introducing some open shelving, do not leave the rest of the kitchen feeling blah. Give the wall some punch but painting them with a darker hue or brighten them up with white, depending on your decor’s theme. The color you pick should complement the cabinets and shelving. 

In your quest to answer the question, “How to modernize a kitchen cheaply?” you should not forget the floors. The flooring plays a significant role in the kitchen, but it is one of the areas that is often overlooked during renovations. Consider upgrading it to a more resilient, timeless surface. The options for this can include stone, tile, and treated wood. For instance, you can go for ceramic tile that mimics hardwood. Slate or travertine are also excellent options worth considering.