Keeping Your Child’s Room Clean and Safe

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Do you have kids between the age of 2 and 12? Are you concerned about how messy and untidy their rooms might be? Are you finding it challenging to clean their rooms? If the answers to any of the questions are yes, reading this article till the end is very important. It is an undisputed fact that kids are naturally overactive. They care less about picking up things themselves or keeping their room tidy. However, regardless of the self-discipline stage, your kids are, cleaning and organizing the bedroom is one of the things you might have to do yourself.

The next set of questions you might begin to ask yourself include: where do I start the cleaning from? How should I organize the toys and clothes? How can I ensure the room is safe? There is no need to worry about the answer to those questions. This article will explain in detail how to keep your kid’s room clean and safe.

The importance of maintaining a clean and safe room is invaluable because the kids prefer to spend most of their time using their hands and knee while playing. This means they must always touch clean things. This is why it is not just about keeping the room clean; it is crucial to keep the room safe.

The first stage of room cleaning is to tidy up.

Kids generally put most things away and become lazy to return it to their perfect position. The first thing you need to do is to pick up everything that has been scattered around before you start cleaning, ensure you put everything back to their usual place. Keep their toys and other objects away too to avoid trip over.

Make use of eco-friendly cleaners.

Remember, you are cleaning the kids’ room, and they spend most of their time playing with their hands and knees. This is why you need to minimize the number of chemicals you will expose them to. After you have chosen chemical-free toys for them, ensure the cleaning product you are using is environmentally friendly and child safe. The alternative method: make use of natural homemade cleaners that will work correctly in cleaning the kid’s room.

Use the antibacterial spray in cleaning the furniture.

There is a funny connection between kids’ hand and their mouths. They also like putting anything that gets to their hands (including their toys) in their mouth. Instead of making use of cloth and ordinary water to get rid of dust when wiping the furniture, you should use an antibacterial spray to sanitize every surface in the room. The bedside table, the bed frames, the doorknobs and study desk as well as other items that draw their attention quickly and are frequently touched.

Vacuum the floor and mop, clean the wall and upholstery.

The typical routine is to vacuum the floor and mop. After vacuuming the floor, most people tend to neglect the part of cleaning the walls and upholstery (it is a must to do this to keep the room safe and clean). The reason why cleaning the walls and upholstery is essential is because dust collects on their surface. Dust can trigger asthmatic attacks or allergies in children. If you have a vacuum with the right attachment head, use it to clean the corners of the room, the curtains, the walls, and upholstery. 

It is best advised to clean when the kids are not around.

The best time to tidy up the kids’ bedroom is when they are in school or when they are not around. This is because you will be able to do more, even at a faster pace. However, it is also essential that you teach your kids how to organize and clean their rooms themselves. You can supervise them while they do it on weekends.

Tip to keep the room tidy:

  • Create a play area for the kids
  • Keep the necessary cleaning tools in the room so the kids can clean themselves too
  • Create a temporary storage area using a trunk

To arrange their toys and shoes

  • Keep their toys under their bed or in a locker
  • Create a shelve for stuffed toys
  • Hang shoes neatly

Photo by Katie Emslie on Unsplash