6 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Curtains

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Whoever said your kitchen windows are drab as the curtains are nothing to write home about, need to sit up and pay attention as we are about to reveal 6 ways to upgrade kitchen curtains.

Kitchens are usually neglected when it comes to home decor as it’s seen as a utilitarian area that is in place to serve our feeding needs.

There is no doubt about it that kitchen window treatments can have a huge impact on how your space turns out. For the best effect, opt for resources that will express your preferences and lifestyle, such as colors, texture, and style.

Follow along as we discover 6 useful ways to upgrade this area of your home.

1. Drapes, Shades, and Curtains

Some of the best tools that will make an impact right away would be drapes, shades, and curtains, seeing that our eyes are drawn to light anyway. Have you considered adding a bit of color and experimenting with patterns, such as a classy print to spruce things up?

What you can do is settle on a grounding, neutral material or fabric that will give you a crisp, clean, and modern feel. All you need to do is search the web to find a way to bring your imagination to life.

Get this! Once you discover the fabrics and patterns you like, you can get to work by sewing your own curtains. It is the kind of prospect that sounds very exciting, especially if you are new to all of this. But, before you head out to shop for colors and fabrics, you need to ensure you take a good look at the best sewing machines for beginners, so you know that to look out for when buying the materials you need. 

2. Modern Kitchen Window Treatments

There are numerous methods to upgrade your kitchen curtains and ensure this area gets the attention it deserves. Modern details and classic elements are just one of the ways to create a welcome balance that will enhance the color, style, and design of your kitchen window.

Always keep modern in mind as you play around with minimalist design ideas that tend to favor something starker and unusual that is also brought to life by bolder colors and unique materials.

To bring about the perfect accent, one should consider bolder colors and use natural fibers as these will complement the modern kitchen theme. Also, when used near your kitchen sink or stove, these would easily absorb any spatter.

It boils down to using the right materials to ensure it is much easier to maintain the incredible look of your kitchen and new kitchen curtains or other window treatments. An example of this is fabric draperies that are a breeze to launder.

Solar shades, shutters, and synthetic blinds are some alternatives to using kitchen curtains. These can just be wiped down with soapy water. However, maintenance can become a problem once you have to manage shutters and wooden blinds as you have to clean and condition them using a wood cleaner.

3. How Cool Colors Can Accentuate Your Kitchen Curtains

It is essential to have natural light in your kitchen area. Modern designs and the use of aesthetically pleasing designs for your kitchen curtains will liven things up. Particularly, if your kitchen is small. In this case, cooler and lighter colors will do their part in making this area of your home appear brighter and larger. On the other end of the scale, warmer and darker colors for your kitchen curtains will bring balance to an oversized kitchen and be more inviting.

Modern kitchen curtains need to sport straight lines. What comes to mind in this regard would be luxurious materials like micro-suede. One can also simplify matters with a monochromatic color palette. Have you thought of experimenting with draperies that feature grommets as these can slide open and provide balance to a traditional kitchen?

4. Contemporary Kitchen and the Use of Valances

These are very popular and can be found in most contemporary kitchens. What’s more, one can look forward to a variety of curtain styles. Valances were originally invented to cover the metal section of curtain rods as they were regarded as unsightly.

For the most part, these swathes of cloth ended up being used by themselves or to take its rightful place along regular curtains. Valances were merely looped over the kitchen curtain rods so it may hang down on either end.

Valances compliment kitchen curtains perfectly as can be seen in large varieties such as tiers, swags, and so on. It turns out to be among the best ways to make your kitchen look elaborate.

As long as you make a point of buying sturdy materials such as cotton and chintz you will be fine. Veer away from silk and lace materials, as these are highly flammable.

5. Large Kitchen Windows Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Large windows or kitchen windows that have odd shapes can be adorned using curtain panels that go right down to floor level. Now is your chance to play around with a range of patterns and colors to accentuate your French doors or large bay window.

While you’re at it, why not opt for fabrics that resemble eye-catching hues, featuring an array of tassels, trims, and fringes to ensure a well-polished finish? This way, you get to discover the decorative side of you.

6. Experiment with Kitchen Curtain Patterns

There is so much you can do to brighten up your kitchen such as making use of semi-see-through material for your kitchen curtains. It is up to you whether you want to settle for a blue and white striped swatch or another pattern that will be the perfect decor while ensuring there is plenty of light shining through to ensure an airy and open feel.

One can also dress up plain kitchen curtains by experimenting with shibori tie-dye. All you need to do is mix a bit of indigo dye in a large bucket. In utilizing shibori tie-dye, you would make use of various rubber bands together with wooden blocks to fold your curtain panels. Then, you would place the panels in the mixture you made and leave it for a while. Once you’re happy with the effect, simply remove your kitchen curtains and allow it to dry.

There you have it. You just discovered some handy ways to upgrade your kitchen curtains and adorn this area of your home.

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